5 Replies to “Join Our Discord Server And Be Informed!!”

  1. Thanks. John for info
    Please send me time and place of next meeting. Will try to be there. Have to find someone to drive if at night because night vision is not good.

  2. Not sure where your group is at but Peoples Party of Alberta is developing into a political party on track with most of PPC’s platforms from the last election. Most importantly, PPA has been developing a constitution for ALberta as a blue print for all the provinces now that we’re learning we really have NO constitution hence we’re actually 10 different countries under the auspices of a false federal and global government which has been representing only 5% of our citizens in an agenda counter to the patriotism and conservative values which many of us feel- especially here in the west.

  3. Yes you are correct on many things in that post except one, we can not win in their sandbox, any form of a political party to join the current system we do not support. A complete reset needs to happen and that can only be done by seating a dejure government and holding these criminals accountable.

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