School is right around the corner, do you think our kids are safe? read this!!

According to worlwide goverments this is the worst pandemic disease the world has ever seen!! So with our kids going back to school,, are they actually safe? here are some questions to ask your principal:

Where are your biomedical waste bins?

Why are you in direct violation of OHS Standars 15(3)?

Who is trained in WHIMIS at this public workspace?

Who is your contract with to haul your 6.2 class dangerous goods and dispose of them?

What are you doing with your wipes, mop heads, cloths, masks?

You do know they are infectious disease products you have created and you are in fact spreading?

Why are you not following laws, Acts and Regulations set forth in this province?

Are my kids really safe when you are clearly not following the laws?


These are some general questions to ask so you kinda get the thought pattern involved in line of questioning, to which NO AUTHORITY has answered. So ask yourself this, are my kids really safe because they say so?

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