Modules 1 to 8

We have recently begun hosting zoom calls for our 8 series modules. To reserve your spot please email me at for our next call. These modules will help you better understand our history, how the Federal and Provincial Governments are De Facto, the constitution process and more. It’s so important that all Canadians learn whats happened and what we can do. Each module will be presented a number of times and edited into one final finished copy which will be posted on you tube as well as updated on this site so check back often, we are growing very fast !  And remember, We The People are the power of this land mass known as Canada !

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    It is wonderful to see you reaching out to Alberta’s people!
    My CD webpage was uploaded here
    It is outdated now, but still relevant.
    On those thousands of disks was a mirror of Eldon Warman’s DetaxCanada website now dead and gone off the web so I reposted it here:

    We have a bigger problem than just Canada being a myth… it is turning into part of the One World being usurped by the SS So I have to help the species understand the real issues suppressing humanity.

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