The Myth Is Canada

Alberta Committee

Hi everyone, I am Jon, I am one of the Alberta reps for Constitutional Conventions,educating together with our team. Imagine life in Alberta without taxes, did you know we sit on trillions of dollars of OUR resources that have been mismanaged for decades and have the ability to be tax free, have All our education,health,infrastructure etc, all the things it takes to run this country paid for and have a dividend cheque if managed properly.

It’s extremely important that you participate in this movement of reclaiming our sovereignty of this land, so that we can live and prosper as our fore fathers intended. We all know this “authority” is corrupt and with so few knowing so little, we are here to help you understand what is the solution. Constitution conventions, where we the people write a Constitution for the people by the people. We will show and teach you that we have had the power to do this since 1931.

I am a carpenter here in Alberta and had no interest in politics until about last Christmas, and if I can learn this I know you can. Time is of the essence, we must unite, and conquer this evil. I can be reached at jon@alberta.themythiscanada.ca and Cathy at Cathy@alberta.themythiscanada.ca as well as attending www.themythiscanada.com where we ask you to enter your email so we can keep you in the loop and find out when we will be in your community.

We also ask for people to step forward and teach this material as well, without our participation it can’t be done. We all have lives and are likely living paycheck to paycheck, so please, anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated including donations, sponsors. And remember, if not for you, do it for your grandkids and clean up this mess we are in.



Hello and welcome to M.I.C.A.S. the Myth Is Canada Information System. Here we will educate you on the steps of hosting your own event to teach the masses on what is the truth of out Country’s history, so lets get started.

Step 1

Choose a location:

This could mean a school, a church, a restaurant for example, it could even be at your kitchen table.


Step 2

Prep your material:

By now you likely would have attended a event already and are ready to host your own, you should have contacted the rep and be in possession of the curriculum to teach, remember you teaching people will create other teachers.


Step 3

Confirm a date and advertise:

These days advertising for free is challenging, but can be done, for example, go onto Facebook, Discord, Skype and whatever platform you can think of to let the people know. You can do it at your grocery store, print and hand out flyers, cars, anything to get peoples attention. A good icebreaker for this conversation is “are you happy with your government?” Be creative, and remember to educate, not aggravate.


Step 4


We all learn at different levels, at that’s ok, learn to read people and answer all questions respectively. Present the information as a person, not in a legalese form, so we can all understand what has happened to us as Canadians. Promote the 6 tutorial dvd set for people to take home and watch again, it’s a lot of information and so many questions will be created by watching it. And remember we don’t want people to join, we are NOT a cult, but what we do ask is for people to participate in reclaiming our sovereignty. Be sure to have a skype call scheduled with one of our historians for a q and a afterwards, as many questions will arise. It’s a lot of information to absorb, be gentle, and try to make sure your students understand.


Step 5

Collect donations:

Of course there are costs involved, contact your rep to find out what happens with donations. They are used for printing, fuel, rooms etc, this is an expense, and as most of us live payday to payday, this is a problem as we just can’t afford to finance this movement. Contribute if you can of course, but either way keep the momentum going.


Step 6

Give thanks:

We have severed away from being polite and thankful for the simple things, some of us still use our manners, some of us don’t and that’s ok, but we must try to use then as much as possible, especially if we have a donated room etc. If at any time there is more questions, contact any one of us for help, we are more than happy to help.


End Of Event:

Congratulations! You have just completed your 1st educational event. And each one in the future will become easier. Using M.I.C.I.S. as a tool for educating, will help you in presenting and explain what actually happened and that most of our history we have been taught is a lie. And remember to advertise your next event at the one you are hosting, and they can tell a friend etc. At your event you will need the following tools:

Printed handouts
Myth Is Canada 6 Tutorial Videos
Contact info for yourself
A scheduled Call With A Historian
A Computer/Laptop
Bigger Room Will Need Audio Amplification, A PA
A TV Or Projector
Myth Is Canada Banner
Book For People To Enter Email And Phone Number/Name


Remember social media is shutting down the truth, a hardcopy is recommended to keep in touch with everyone, good luck and see you all soon!